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MF38 | It's possible! How to feed the world with regenerative farming, with Philippe Birker (Climate Farmers)

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Hello dear Entrepreneurs for future!


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Changemakers' Spotlight


Weekly I will put a Changemaker in the Spotlight: an early-stage startup or changemaker working on new ideas that have the potential to make a lot of sustainable waves.
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✨ THIS WEEK: Forget about marketing focused on profit! And meet ClÑudia : the warrior of the Conscious Marketing Movement!


πŸ˜‰ I guess it’s in her blood, as β€œguerreiro” (as in Claudia Guerreiro) means β€œwarrior” in Portuguese.


πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»The Conscious Marketing Movement is on a mission to transform the marketing landscape.
They are an online community that brings together purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious marketers to learn, connect and grow. Their goal is to switch from profit-driven marketing to a purpose-driven approach.
They help members of the movement to achieve both profitability and social impact with their marketing efforts.
πŸ€“ Their vision: revolutionize the marketing industry from the outdated 'icky' methods to conscious marketing strategies that prioritize social impact, trust, and authenticity.


Connect with her and find more info in my Linkedin post.

Your Growth & LinkedIn Advice:
how to triple your website conversion rates


Here is the strategy I used to triple the website conversion rate of my client πŸ‘‡


If you are in one of these situations:
❌ Your product is loved by your current clients but it is hard to sell to new ones
❌ Your conversion rate from website visitors to taking action (starting an account, signing up for a newsletter, or booking a call) is below 10%

You have to fix these issues or spending money in marketing is just throwing πŸ’° by the window.

πŸ˜€ Good news: You can solve this issue with this strategy (part 2 this week):

1️⃣ Check the part 1 in my previous newsletter where I explained how to interview your existing customers


2️⃣ Now take their answers and build the landing page of your product.


Let's focus today on the most important part:


The Hero headline block:

  • I like to use the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework to build this one.
    • It focuses on the idea that consumers "hire" products or services to get a specific job done.
    • Here's an example of a headline and sub-headline for an Apple product using the Jobs to Be Done framework:
    • Headline: "Unleash Your Creativity with the New iPad Pro"
    • Sub-Headline: "Powerful Performance Meets Intuitive Design: Discover How the iPad Pro Can Elevate Your Work and Play"
    • In this example, the headline focuses on the job that consumers are hiring the iPad Pro for: unleashing creativity. It's simple yet evocative, suggesting that the iPad Pro is a tool that removes barriers and allows creative freedom. The sub-headline expands on this by highlighting the specific attributes of the iPad Pro that enable the user to fulfil this job: "Powerful Performance" and "Intuitive Design." It then presents a call to action with "Discover How," which invites potential customers to learn more about how the iPad Pro can enhance both their professional work and personal entertainment ("Elevate Your Work and Play"). This messaging effectively communicates the value proposition of the iPad Pro, addressing both the emotional (creativity, freedom) and practical (performance, design) aspects that resonate with Apple's target audience.
    • You should use the benefits and the exact words from your customers (instead of fancy marketing jargon or taglines), that you gathered in the interviews, for this Hero banner.


How to test your Hero banner's efficiency: the 5-second test!


You might have the most interesting product in the world detailed on your website, there is a high chance most visitors won’t learn about it because they will leave your website before they understand it.


Some stats:

90% of page visits bounce (on average)!

If you are doing ads, that’s 90% of your ad budget through the window!


Why is the bounce rate so high?

Most of the time, it is because people can’t understand the words on your page!

What YOU understand from your page is probably very different from what THEY understand.

And you usually have 3-5 seconds to hook a visitor.


Here is how you can improve your webpage conversion rate above 10% in a few hours, without expensive tools!

  1. Show your landing page to potential users (start with friends ;-) ) for 5 seconds
  2. Take it away after 5 seconds (don’t tell them you are going to take it away).
  3. Ask them what they understood from the page and try to figure out: - Did they read the page?

Are there too many distracting elements? Is the text too small?

  • Did they understand it?

In particular, did they understand your USP = the most important benefit you provide to them.


Keep iterating with different potential users until you have 90%+ of comprehension of your product and its core benefit after 5 seconds.


Does this help you?

If yes, just reply and tell me "it helps a lot": it means a lot to me.


Next newsletter, I will run you through more examples of how to build a landing page that converts.

New Podcast Episode


We are back this week with a new episode:

🌍 Feeding the world with regenerative agriculture 🌎

It's an entrepreneurship masterclass with Philippe Birker from Climate Farmers


If you are into agriculture, food supply chain, non-profit, community building, accelerator programs. This episode is for you.


🎧 Listen to the episode on your favorite platform - listen now 🎧




🎬NEW: The episode is now also in video on YouTube 🎬

Watch it here πŸ‘‰ watch episode​

video preview​

What if farming wasn’t just means of survival but a way to nature restoration? And instead of being part of the problem destroying our soil, biodiversity, and amplifying climate change, it became part of the solution?


Let me introduce you to a new (not so new πŸ˜‰) type of agriculture. Regenerative farming. It doesn’t just sustain nature, it restores it. It brings back the health of the soil, sequesters carbon, and boosts biodiversity. For the future of our planet and our food, regenerative farming isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity.


Climate Farmers are supporting farmers in the transition towards regenerative agriculture. They are building the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe.


Climate Farmers provides a platform for farmers to meet and network, learn from each other and from experts, get regenerative agriculture consulting and get transition financing as they sell carbon credits. They also support retailers in their supply chain transition to regenerative agriculture produce.


🌿 They are a community of 700+ farmers from 16 different countries

🌿 Got 1M € funding raised without giving away company shares

🌿 32 FTEs


Philippe Birker bought a part of an abandoned village in Portugal back in 2017. In the course of the next years he and seven others acquired more parts of the village and some land. Owning some land set Philippe on the search for knowledge about regenerative agriculture.


Today he is one of the co-founders of Climate Farmers and he shared his insights about

πŸ’‘ What is regenerative agriculture? How do you put impact first with an economic model focused on growth? And how to choose and prepare best for an accelerator program? πŸ’‘


In this episode you will learn:

- What is regenerative agriculture and what it really means to farm in harmony with nature

- What does a regenerative farm look like?

- Why we should pay more attention to our food?

- How to scale regenerative agriculture?

- What could be the solution to make farming attractive to younger people in Europe

- Which are the 3 levers to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture

- What are the benefits for farmers from networking with each other?

- Organizations that can support you with business know-how

- How to prepare for an accelerator program?

- How to manage a company differently with regenerative leadership


🎧 Don’t miss out on this insightful episode - listen here​

🎬 Or watch it on YouTube - watch the episode here​



Philippe Linkedin​

Climate Farmers website​


​The Great Simplification Podcast by Nate Hagens

​For the Love of Soil by Nicole Masters

​Regenerative Skills Podcast by Oliver Goshey

​Advancing Eco Agriculture by John Kempf

​Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food​

Whenever you’re ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

  1. Growth strategies: with 6 years of experience hyper-growing startups as a CMO, CGO (Chief Growth Officer), and consultant in growth, I can help you exceed your growth objectives with business planning, growth marketing and product-led growth strategies, and building marketing and growth teams (with you or for you, project-based or part-time "CMO/CGO as a service").
  2. Grow your brand through LinkedIn personal branding: I run a bootcamp and I also give private masterclasses to companies' founders and employees to help them use their LinkedIn personal brand to grow as thought-leaders and attract leads, talents, and partners.

Feel free to book a call with me if you think I can help you.

Have a wonderful week,




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